Andreas, Max and Norbert wanted to share their expertise, experience, and passion for consulting. Everything began with a vision: To go above and beyond to fulfill our clients' needs and exceed their expectations:

“We value partnerships that are built on trust and support. Our clients are of utmost importance to us and we want to offer them individual solutions and the highest quality possible. VQC stands for sustainable, long-term success and teamwork.” 

Our international network allows us to deliver innovative and personalised solutions to all our clients. We always focus on the individual needs of our customers. 

By offering the highest quality, personal commitment, dedication and know how, we aim to redefine collaboration while taking on social responsibility. 

Our goal is to achieve sustainable success – together.


Andreas Quanz is one of the founding members of VQC and discovered his passion for consulting in his youth. His degree is mathematics laid the foundation for his current areas of work which are SAP Finance, financial processes and project management. Additionally, Andreas is a great listener and a team player.

He appreciates the versatility of consulting and enjoys the opportunity to work with different people from diverse cultures and countries. Andreas considers the role of business as crucial when it comes to social and enviornmental responsibility. He want to drive change and help VQC to make a positive impact.

Andreas feels that long-term partnerships and individual approaches to solutions are essential for achieving sustainable success: "We want to stay true to our principles while offering the highest quality."

Andreas is an analytical thinker and always well organized. Spending time with his family and friends is Andreas’ favourite way to enjoy his free time. He also enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures. Together with his family he lives in Munich.


Max Rathmanner is co-founder of VQC and can already look back on an exciting career. He discovered his passion for consulting at a young age. Thus, Max has become acquainted with a wide variety of areas of consulting. He has not only worked and continues to work as a consultant, architect and project manager in customer projects, he was also responsible for a wide variety of areas such as HR, recruiting, business development and sales throughout his career. 

In his role as Managing Director, Max is now responsible for the company's strategy and enthusiastically devotes himself to all its projects. It is particularly important to him to respond to the needs of those around him: "VQC is all about quality and teamwork – we want to achieve long-term success together." 

Max is always eager to learn new things and is beloved for his open-minded, warm nature. He is also very enjoyable and well-known for his unique sense of humor. It’s always a pleasure to work with him! In his free time, Max enjoys to spend time with his family, he also loves to go sailing or snowboarding. Traveling is one of his passions and he loves to discover new places and different cultures. Together with his family, Max currently lives in Germany.


Norbert Mayerhofer is one of the three founding partners of VQC. During his studies of business informatics he gained first experiences in consulting. He found pleasure in the versatility and diversity of the profession and decided to pursue a career as a consultant.

Currently, Norbert is mainly responsible for project management. He is passionate about creating an environment for others to enjoy and thrive in. Norbert is a great listener, an excellent teamplayer and is well-known for his structured, analytical way of working.

VQC’s actions are guided by the principles of sustainability and social responsibility which is something Norbert deeply cares about: "Sustainable consulting means acting in the best interest of customers, employees, the environment and oneself and guides our actions and decisions on every level." He is convinced that only by doing so, quality, success and satisfaction can be ensured in the long term.

Born and raised in Vienna, Norbert enjoys long runs through the beautiful streets of his hometown. However, he is also a passionate music fan who enjoys going to concerts or traveling to foreign countries. Together with this family Norbert lives in Vienna.